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Your privacy matters to us.

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Collected Personal Data

 We collect only data that is relevant to your interaction with this site but cannot and do not guarantee that your information will not be collected through means unknown to us.


Purpose of data collection

We use cookies to improve the site for the benefit of our clients. You can opt in or out by your use of the link used to access our website.

Do not use this website if you are opposed to your data being collected.

Information that you provide through various contact points here is / are used to communicate with you further only for the initial purpose of your contact and for continued communication with you until such time as you opt-out, allowing sufficient time for our systems to recognize and refresh it's database.


We do not sell or use the data collected here for any other purpose

WE are not responsible for data usage that is outside of our control such as the use by various social media sites, browsers, soft and hardware providers, etc that you, the user may come in contact with through the use of our site.

Do not provide Data to this site if you are not in agreement for that Data to be shared or accessed by means that are either in or out of our control.



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